Sport gadgets
Item Code: 08.8596.AAA
Semi-recessed LED luminaire for indoor applications. Seamless integration in the architectural environment by Soft Architecture technology. Power supply not included.
Item Code: SA.1019.3.016
Soft technology architectonic application for modular ceilings that permits perfect integration of the Flos architectural products. For personal configuration, you can add light points in the structure. Ask Flos architectural sales team.
Item Code: SA.1041.1
Recessed luminaire for fluorescent lamp Non-dimmable ballasts 220-240V/50-60Hz included.
Item Code: SA.2282.1
Soft technology ceiling-mounted modular profile. Fluorescence lighting systems not included.
Item Code: SA.2453.5A145
Soft technology wall-mounted, recessed luminaire. LED modules to emit lights with different colour temperature depending on décor; non-dimmable gear included.
Item Code: SA.4004.6A100
Direct ceiling-mounted lighting system. Direct lighting with LED lamps. Suspension cable length 4 meters.
Item Code: SA.5001.1
Recessed luminaire with direct connection to mains.
Item Code: SA.5022.6.180
Soft technology semi-recessed luminaire for ceiling or wall mounting. Available in white LED or RGB versions. Control gear not included.
Item Code: SA.5065.3.0V3
Recessed sign luminaire for indoor application. Power supply source not included.