Sport gadgets
Item Code: 03.4513.B3
Surface luminarie to be installed on ceiling with main voltage source.
Item Code: 07.9006.72B
Semi-embedded signalling lamp for indoor or outdoor use. 100-240V, 50-60Hz non-regulable power supply included.
Item Code: 07.9451.ASB
Surface luminarie to be installed on ceiling for led. phosphor led module integrated. electronic transformer 220/240V integrated.
Item Code: 07.9630.CE
Suspended luminaire for mounting on the ceiling with LED light source. (4 metres maximum distance to ceiling). Power supply source integrated into luminaire housing. Reflector not included; supplied separately.
Item Code: 09.3000.18B
Recessed guide light for indoor and outdoor applications. Non-regulable 100-240V, 50-60Hz power supply included.
Item Code: F9474057
Lighting device with dual emission bulb for wall mounting with remote driver and with round ornamental (ø125).
Item Code: 03.9561.40
LED luminaire for direct and indirect lighting with a signature minimalist and compact design, to be installed on ceilings by means of suspension. Power source included in installation kits must be ordered separately. Greater Up or Down intensity can be selected using power kits with a device with two independent outputs.
Item Code: 09.2127.40
Wall-mounted LED luminaire for indirect lighting. Power source incorporated into luminaire’s body.
Item Code: 09.0104.BZA
Wall application luminaire for indirect lighting with LED. Remote transformer not included.