Sport gadgets
Item Code: FT1044
Unique appearance design, built-in power supply design, simple appearance, smaller size and thinner. Samsung 3535 as a light source, high quality, high CRI and uniform colour consistency. Die casting aluminium housing is beneficial to heat dissipation and durable.
Item Code: FT1042
Precise optical design, pure light color, perfect light spot, to create excellent lightings. Small size and high power, only 65mm in diameter. External and built-in, two options for installation of power supply..
Item Code: FT1053
Fashionable and beautiful, delicate and compact appearance High quality Samsung, high power, high lumen and pure color Good color temperature consistency and higher luminous efficiency. High conversion power supply ensures stable performance of the whole lamp.
Item Code: FT1051
Triac dimmable of AC COB San’an semiconductor; High integrated, modularization; No power supply, improve the stability and life of lamps; More energy efficient, more convenient installation and maintenance.
Item Code: FT1047
Adopt high quality LED chip, with pure light color and good color temperature consistency; Die-casting aluminum housing is durable, with white powder spraying on the surface; The built-in power supply with high conversion efficiency is stable and reliable.